Super Spinmallow™
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Super Spinmallow™
 The way toys should be!
Spins at an even more perfect 153 RPM's
Super Spinmallow

Super Spinmallow™ - 80025

Ok, even we admit this is a bit much. But, think about it. You are going camping or to a scouting event. Maybe even staying over a friendÕs house for a barbeque. You need to bring a flashlight so you can see where youÕre going at night. DING! Why not be prepared to make a toasty brown marshmallow at the same time? Its telescoping skewer is safely tucked out of the way just waiting to be brought into service. Its motorized spinner rotates at a blistering 153 RPMÕs. Even Òmore perfectÓ than our original Spinmallowª. The flashlight uses a powerful white L.E.D. so you can find your way to the graham crackers and chocolate. The detachable skewer is easy to clean and then stores right back into the handle.

Requires one 9 Volt Battery (not included)

Adult Supervision Recommended

Ages 8 and up


Super Spinmallow™

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