Sparky has been successfully inventing, licensing and marketing his own products for over 40 years. If you would like to spend some time talking to him about your product or business ideas just click on the orange button and make a Skype, Facetime or in-person appointment. Hourly rates are listed.

Introducing Coach Sparky

Read my intro below. If you have any questions just call me at my office. 800-781-8110. Otherwise use the calendar below to schedule an appointment.

Sparky at Toyfair 2015

If I am going to help you at all, I am going to have to make certain assumptions.  I am assuming you haven’t spent huge amounts of money pursuing your inventions yet…  I will make an assumption you are an amateur or an unseasoned pro looking to invent something or just make stuff other people might want to buy.  My hope is that your financial future is not dependent on your ability to get your inventions or products to market.  You are motivated and excited to learn. You will try new techniques and be inquisitive. There are no right or wrong ways to do things in the inventing business.  I think the only reasonable benchmarks are the ones your set up for yourself.

I am not going to tell you what you want to here. I am going to give my honest opinion. You may not like it. I can guide you to solutions if needed. I will look to mitigate problems if there are any. I am not going to guide you to a place where I recommend my further services to do it for you or “upsell” you. I am not investing in your product. I will not charge you more than one hour at a time to help you. I am here to coach you to the next level and keep you from spending money on goofy stuff that will not further your cause. My promise to you is that you will get your money’s worth. There are many people out there who advertise that they can help you. Lot’s of money is spent to convince you of that. Not me… I just want to help you and give you some of the tools so that you can “do it yourself.” If you control what you can and cannot do then you control the money. In this game money is king. If you cannot do something then you need to learn how. If you want to hire a professional then your money will burn fast and you will be unable to continue. Money is the king.
Don’t spend it. I am “cheap money.” You get a lot for a little. It will be well spent whether I save you from spending in the wrong areas or stop you from pursuing a “boondoggle.” Our hour may be life changing for you. Pretty big promise? Let’s see!

My rates are 265/hour. My guess is that we will only need 1 hour. I can jam as much stuff in that time as you can handle.

After you press the “Book Now” button you will be taken to PayPal to finish your transaction. Then a confirmation email will be sent to you. I will call you or meet you at your chosen time. I look forward to spending some time with you.